Fees & Payment


Fees are for 10 week terms. These vary according to length of class and the number of classes taken per week.  There is also a student fee.  The Student Fee is already heavily discounted and will therefore not be eligible for further discount.   Please enquire directly to the secretary for further information, on 07775 447698.  Cheques for the fees, made payable to Ondine Academy, or paid online, are required by half term as per the Terms and Conditions signed for on Registration.  Fees remaining unpaid at the end of term will accrue a 10% charge.  Half a term’s notice or fees in lieu are required.

Please note that there will be a fee increase from January 2018.


The preferred method of payment is Direct Transfer.

Payment of fees are accepted by Direct Transfer HSBC Sort Code 40 20 28 Acc/No. 51098438.   Reference should be your daughter’s name. e.g. Jane Smith.

Cheques should be made payable to Ondine Academy.   Payment by cash should be in an envelope with your daughter’s name on.

Terms and conditions separate.