We are pleased to announce a new award for Senior Students.   The Ondine Scholarship Award’ will entitle the holder to an academic year of free tuition fees.   This does not include exam costs such as coaching or examination fees.

In order to be considered, the student needs to attend a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week and must be 14 years of age by 31st August of the academic year commencing     1st September.

The Scholar will need to be able to fulfill the following criteria:

1) Regularly update the new Student Area on the website and our Facebook page.

2) Assist in organising an Evening of Dance on 18th March 2016..

3) Organise a summer even for Charity.

4) Assist in promoting the school and its Event days to the Community.

5) Do three hours minimum of teaching assistance per week.

Ondine Academy reserves the right to withdraw the award if the student is unable to fulfil the responsibilities above.



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