Shows, Festivals, Auditions

Shows, Festivals & Auditions

  • Congratulations to Sylvie who has got to final round of auditions for London Children’s Ballet’s 2020 production of Anne of Green Gables
  • Congratulations to all who auditioned for English Youth Ballet’s Giselle in Aylesbury
  • Well done to Team Ondine for their outstanding successful performances at Maidenhead Dance Festival 2019 – 14 medals out of 25 entries!
  • Congratulations to Honor, Sylvie & Victoria who successfully auditioned for the 2019 Chesham Elgiva Pantomime – Cinderella
  • We are thrilled to announce that our latest show ‘CODA – The Final Curtain’ raised £3000 for Liberty’s Legacy and £1000 for Disability Snow Sports UK, thank you to all those who donated so generously to this worthy charities.
  • Well done to the Team Ondine dancers for their beautiful performances at Slough Arts Festival April 2019 – 2 Gold medals, 2 Bronzes medals and the Senior Trio/Quartet Trophy
  • Congratulations to Team Ondine who were amazingly successful at Chesham Festival in February 2019 – 3 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals, 3 Bronze medals & The Transauto Trophy for Modern Solo for under 15 years
  • Congratulations Maisie Morris who successfully auditioned for London Studio Centre’s Musical Theatre course, and begins her training with them September 2018
  • Ondine Academy has raised over £30,000 for charities in their shows! The pupils and teachers are justifiably proud.
  • Congratulations to Jane who has successfully auditioned for Tring Park Associates.
  • Our pupils have also been successful in auditions for the Royal Ballet’s Junior Associates, for Elmhurst Ballet School, for Arts Education at Tring, for London Studio Centre, for the Teachers’ Training course at the Royal Academy of Dance and for various local shows.

Latest Team Ondine Festival Achievements


  • GOLD: Bebe – Baby Modern Solo
  • GOLD: Sylvie – Ballet Solo
  • GOLD: Ella – Lyrical Solo
  • GOLD: Ella & Miranda – Senior Lyrical Duet
  • GOLD: Kristen & Lola – Junior Lyrical Duet
  • SILVER: Bebe & Hattie – Junior Modern Duet
  • SILVER: Miranda – E Character Solo
  • SILVER: Bebe – Baby Charcter Solo
  • SILVER: Lola, Kristen & Sylvie – Junior Lyrical Trio
  • BRONZE: Hattie – Baby Modern Solo
  • BRONZE: Kristen – Ballet Solo
  • BRONZE: Darcy – Modern Solo
  • BRONZE: Sylvie & Kristen – Junior Ballet Duet
  • BRONZE: Beatrice, Lara, Olivia & Trisha – Senior Classical Ballet Quartet
  • Congratulations to all our other dancers: Amelia, Grace, Layla, Amber & Olivia


  • Miranda – E Modern Solo


  • GOLD: Beatrice, Lara, Olivia & Trisha – Senior Ballet Quartet
  • GOLD: Ella, Lillie & Maisie – Senior Modern Trio
  • BRONZE: Ella, Lillie & Annicke – Senior Modern Trio
  • BRONZE: Kristen & Sylvie – Junior Ballet Duet
  • Senior Trio/Quartet Trophy
  • Congratulations to all our other dancers: Amelia, Bebe, Layla, Libby & Lola.


  • GOLD: Lola & Kristen – Lyrical Duet 4-10 years
  • GOLD: Layla – Modern Solo 13 years
  • GOLD: Kristen & Sylvie – Ballet Duet 4-10 years
  • SILVER: Annicke, Ella & Lillie – Lyrical Trio 18 years and under
  • SILVER: Ella – Modern Solo 15-16 years
  • SILVER: Miranda – Modern Solo 15-16 years
  • SILVER: Lillie, Ella & Miranda – Modern Trio 18 years and under
  • SILVER: Ella & Miranda – Lyrical Duet 18 years and under
  • BRONZE: Lillie – Modern Solo 17-18 years
  • BRONZE: Sylvie – Ballet Solo 9-10 years
  • BRONZE: Kristen – Ballet Solo 9-10 years
  • Transauto Trophy for Modern Solo under 15 years – Layla
  • Congratulations to all the other fantastic performers: Bebe, Libby, Beatrice & Amelia

Further Information

The school performs a show every two years, giving the children stage experience, enjoyment of non-syllabus dancing and the fun of wearing costumes and performing.

A number of girls have successfully auditioned for annual local shows and for the London Junior Ballet Programme.

We offer work experience for our pupils who are keen to become Teachers.

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